MCA Services was founded in 1998 as a support mechanism for youth and military human development, sponsorship of individual military members and their families, and to continue the orphan and refugee work of Dr. Mike Colson in sub-Saharan Africa. MCA sponsors and ( in re-design phase). All proceeds from Dr. Colson’s book sales, fees paid for conferences and events, corporate contract work, from Triwest for the development of “Getting Home All the Way Home” DVD, and direct donations from community agencies like Rotary, American Legion Post #92, and other private sponsors are routed to support this work. was developed in partnership with Sierra Media of Everett, WA ( Our focus is to positively impact the lives of Global War on Terrorism veterans returning home. We recently developed on the site readjustment and PTSD-related materials for contractors working in a combat zone. All fees and costs only support the website itself and are kept to bare minimum. Critical to our vision is to provide veterans with state-of-the-art written, audio, and video as downloadables that will improve their quality of living in a post-war world. Dr. Colson is expanding his material via the sites blog in his capacity as an outreach and trauma specialist.

Your donations are important. It will allow this site to remain free of commercial advertising and help MCA Services/Sierra Team create for veterans use readjustment and PTSD-centric resources. Our overall gaol is to assist veterans and contractors find peace and joy in a world colored by war.



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