IN IRONS: A Commentary on Sailing Into the Wind for Lifes Sake

By Dr. Michael Colson, USN (Ret)

This fourth book by Dr. Colson explores odd bits and pieces of life lived in high gear.
This book is a compilation of meandering observations I have made over the years. Some are intended to be funny, others provocative, and still others simply inane. Theyre common explorations designed to win few prizes unless they give you awards and junk for sharpening the edges of banal topics. During my tenure as an educator, human services/psychologist, foreign service worker, and military officer, I have learned to loathe self-inflicted wounds. In Irons is my way of fighting back! Good reading.

Excerpt of “Things Fall Apart ”

"In the deepest recesses of the African Savannah, where the darkness of night comes quick and faithfully to rhythmic expanse of sun hardened soil, stands many a lone sentinel to perseverance. Extending up and into the vast, violent and gladiatorial arena played out in life and death technicolor are ant hills the size of grown men. Big grown men of the type who can run all day, sleep all night and eat goat meat in-between. Mounds that can be stood upon by man looking for direction, and beasts looking for lunch. Hills that are as dead looking on the outside as they are radiantly alive on the inside. Made with only one secret ingredient – spit."

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