Corporations Working in Combat Zones

• Establish a post-contract clinical care program for combat zone contractors
• Educate managers on post-contract readjustment challenges and solutions
• Develop timely health & well-being assessments & recommendations
• Provide clinical referrals & aftercare as necessary
• Assist pre & post-contract orientation training
• Make combat zone site visits.

Global War on Terror Veterans

• Pre-Sep health & well-being support referrals
• Development of clinical diagnosis, Rx, & prognosis
• Assistance with VA claim application
• Advice on medical board & convenience of military separations
• PTSD & military sexual assault support
• Fee-based individual care available via PayPal.
• Free online support info

Organizations That Hire & Train Veterans

• Provide post-combat readjustment training at academies & conference
• Speak to and train veterans on common self-care issues
• Educate managers on post-combat readjustment challenges and solutions
• Provide training for trainers on common readjustment issues.
• Provide media/video and other training material support
• Assist organization with individual case challenges

Organizations Seeking Self-Care & Personnel Improvement Support

• Provide humorous & insightful conference training at large events.
• Help management understand stress & overall health & well-being
• Conduct Productivity Assessment
• Oversee large & small team building events using various methodologies
• Act as window on veteran, international development, health, and education issues for local, state, federal agencies.


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