We Are Mysterious
By Dr. Michael Colson
Dr. Colson's fifth book recounts 22 years of triumphant, often humorous, and sometimes tragic encounters with people and events in sub-Saharan Africa.
  Getting Home
Returning from combat and deployment is never easy. This DVD outlines some of the readjustment challenges we all face. The DVD is free.
  In Irons
By Dr. Michael Colson
This fourth book by Dr. Colson explores odd bits and pieces of life lived in high gear.
  Unforgetable Men in Unforgetable Times
By Robert “Bob” Boardman, USMC
Stories of Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Faith from World War II
  C-Rations for the Warriors Heart
By Robert “Bob” Boardman, USMC
The poignant stories of Bob Boardman’s own battle experiences and those of others is profound. But unlike other books on war, Bob just doesn’t leave you on the precipice, but gives a message of hope based on the most important truth of all.


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