Unforgettable Men in Unforgettable Times
Stories of Honor, Courage, Commitment, and Faith from World War II

by Robert 'Bob' Boardman, USMC

Warfare is much more than a test of skill, determination, and military prowess. It is a great crucible in which men and unthinkable hardships are meshed together. The events are shaped by the men present there, and the results become history. The man, however, who endures the challenges of battle goes on with his life. The vignettes in this book are about unforgettable men who served in the cauldron of battle and should not be forgotten. They are a lantern for us that can illuminate the values that are the bedrock of strength in our lives.
- Gen. Charles Krulak, USMC (Ret)

C-Rations for the Warriors Hear
31 Meals for the Long March

By Robert 'Bob' Boardman, USMC

Young men have the illusion that death is very remote, an illusion that is normally lost, slowly, by installments, over the years. But war is so extreme, its carnage so agonizing. This illusion is lost all at once and one is driven to the precipice of an intense and sober contemplation on the meaning and significance of life. This powerful effect of war marks a man. The effect that Bob Boardman's book has had on me, through the poignant stories of his own battle experiences and those of others is profound. But unlike other books on war, Bob just doesn't leave you on the precipice, but gives a message of hope based on the most important truth of all.
- 1st Sgt David Bishop, USMC (Ret)

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