Who We Are

MCA Services
A registered 501 c 3 non-profit
Postal Address: 938 Hanstad Road
Camano Island WA 98282
(206) 446-3977

Mission of MCAS: To support and enhance indigenous youth and orphan projects in Africa, Asia, and the United States through motivational speaking, book and media sales, and other volunteer fund-raising initiatives with a view to developing long term solutions to children suffering the effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and hopelessness in developing communities.

Methodology: To provide on a voluntary basis motivational, conference, and other media and book support to public and private agencies, organizations, and groups with any and all funds being provided directly – through MCAS – to core mission individuals and groups.

Commitment: All of the proceeds from media and books sales, honorariums for conference and other speaking engagements, all salary contributions by Military.com, cash and in-kind donations are sent via MCAS directly to African orphan and other youth projects. MCAS, its staff and volunteers, receive no reimbursement of any kind and are wholly committed to the core mission.

Projects of Note in 2004/2005: MCAS has taken the lead in providing nearly 50% of the capital funds for the development of the ‘New Hope” and re-design of the Phiri Orphanages in partnership with Rotary International and Campfire USA. Another project, a play center for children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS in Malkerns, Swaziland is I full swing. Other individual support of youth through cash donations and scholarships is on-going.

Current Needs: Dr. Colson is bringing to final print “We Are Mysterious”, his latest book used solely for fund-raising purposes. We estimate that MCAS costs in distribution of this book with be $4,350 with a potential to realize some $17,000 overall. We have targeted the new play center as the recipient for all proceeds from this venture. Your help is appreciated.

Available upon Request: IRS 501 c (3) Approval (#91-2090596), MCAS Balance Sheet (2003/04)



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